Clean Water

Despite high water availability, in 2016, 10.7% of the population did not have basic sanitary facilities, compared to 1.9% in Europe.79 Waste water management quality has increased substantially. However, the biochemical oxygen demand in rivers continues to be higher than the European average (2.86 mg O2 per liter in Bulgaria vs 2.19 mg O2 per liter in Europe). Climate change will have an impact not only on precipitation but also on river hydrology and soil moisture levels. Changes in seasonality and discharge could lead to hydro-meteorological hazards like floods as well as drought hazard (2021, Climate Risk Profile: Bulgaria).

Your challenge:

Create a campaign that aims at preserving the water quality in Bulgaria.

Do your own research and specify your target audience as well as finding effective approaches to reach them and change their behaviors.

Properly dispose of hazardous products

Use and dispose of harmful materials properly

Volunteer in your community

Join in a beach, stream or wetland clean up

*Source: Climate Risk Profile: Bulgaria (2021): The World Bank Group.