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We did thorough research which specified the main pain points in Bulgaria. Students will be introduced with our findings and consider their individual contribution for reducing the climate change in particular city or region in Bulgaria.


This creative problem-solving session will help participants to gather edge-cutting skills and relevant knowledge.


Let’s welcome all volunteers who want to give their meaningful contribution and safe our continent. Once the students are introduced with the local problems and the project criteria, they will pick their individual topic.


Learners will work in close conjunction with their faculty members.


Students will have a chance to soak up innovations and good practices from experienced green entrepreneurs. Strengthening the ties between industry and academia would enable students to get inspiration.


All projects will be delivered to the public. Finally, based on the announced criteria, the jury will select and award the top 3 outstanding projects. All student outcomes will be posted in to the Moodle LMS of the New Bulgarian University.


The Climate Change Académie is a project led by Budakov Films and funded by the EIT Climate KIC (RIS EduEx 2021 – Climate Academy). Our main goal is to bring the problem of climate change to the young generations of Bulgarians – it is happening here, now and will get much more serious in the very future.


However, the EU aims to be climate-neutral by 2050 – an economy with net-zero greenhouse gas emissions. Our Climate Change Académie aims to encourage the young generation in Bulgaria to take urgent and immediate actions for reducing the climate change. Since education is a critical aspect in addressing the issue of climate change, our goal is to raise awareness by developing several case-studies & projects, embedding various aspects of the so-called “circular economy” in to the learning objectives of many undergraduate and postgraduate programs as well as strengthening the collaboration between stakeholders and universities in terms of fostering co-creation for climate change adaptation and mitigation.


It’s time to be social – join our project activities!

Can individuals help to fight climate change?

Absolutelly! By being socially responsible people and taking certain actions and initiatives to mitigate the climate change. Governmental action will be crucial in tackling global climate change, but individuals can also take steps and play a major role.


EIT Climate-KIC is the EU’s climate innovation initiative, working to accelerate the transition to a zero-carbon and resilient world by enabling systems transformation. Headquartered in Amsterdam, it operates from 13 hubs across Europe and is active in 39 countries. EIT Climate-KIC was established in 2010 and is predominately funded by the European Institute of Innovation and Technology (EIT), a body of the European Union.


As a Knowledge and Innovation Community (KIC), it brings together more than 400 partners from business, academia, the public and non-profit sectors to create networks of expertise, through which innovative products, services and systems are developed, brought to market and scaled-up for impact.


For more information: https://www.climate-kic.org


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of the urban population in Bulgaria is exposed to dangerous levels of particulate matter (PM).


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